EO Industry Platform

The EO Industry Platform within the Industry Track will be an opportunity for GEO Week participants to hear presentations that highlight new ideas and capabilities, learn about cutting edge technology and their applications, and discuss topical issues. The EO Industry Platform, which is industry focused, works in conjunction with the Ideas Stage, which is aligned with the Side Events taking place on the Monday and Tuesday.

EO Industry Platform Schedule

Wednesday 6 November (Menzies Theatre)

1400-1420: ‘WatchITgrow: online platform to support agriculture industry’ Sven Gilliams, Vito

1420-1440: ‘Australian WaterTools: using remote sensing to predict drought and low water availability’ Trudy Green & David Hehir, eWater

1440-1500: ‘An initiative of application solutions hub for EO industry’ Tau Guo, Piesat

1500-1520: ‘The business of integrated EO based information & insights’ Peter Hausknecht, Earth-i

1600-1620: ‘Esri Engagement and Opportunities for the GEO Community’ Pat Cummens, Esri

1620-1640: ‘Polar TEP: A Central Hub within the Polar Data Ecosystem’ David Arthurs, Polar View

1640-1700: ‘Accelerating EO Services adoption and scientific data preservation: a European endeavour’ Marion Devouassoux, CERN

Copernicus DIAS Presentations

1700-1710: ‘Introduction to Copernicus Data and Information Services (DIAS)’, Rory Donnelly, EARSC

1710-1720: ‘Sobloo: the all-in-one geospatial ecosystem where your project can take shape, scale-up quickly and succeed!’, Seyed Miri, Airbus

1720-1730: ‘WEkEO DIAS: Get real time access to the entire Copernicus portfolio and process it in the cloud’, Alain Arnaud, Mercator

1730-1740: ‘ONDA DIAS: A driver for user uptake’, Franck Ranera, Serco

1740-1750: ’Mundi DIAS’, Fabio Volpe, e-GEOS

Thursday 7 November (Lightning Stage, Level 1 Ballroom)

0900-0920: ‘An integrated approach to environmental monitoring with Earth observation technologies’ Julian Kruger, Astron

0920-0940: ‘Hyperspectral Earth Observation in the Space 2.0 Era’ Terry Cocks, HyVista Corporation

0940-1000: ‘Applications of SuperView-1’ Lily Xu, Space Will

1000-1020: ‘Microsoft’s AI for Earth program, putting cloud and AI tools in the hands of those working to solve global environmental challenges’ Lee Hickin, Microsoft Australia

1020-1040: ‘Smart Eyes in the Sky: Quantify the Dynamic Planet’ Mehdi Ravanbakhsh, Mapizy

1040-1100: ‘From Data to Actionable Insight: Monitoring Methane Emissions at Industrial Facilities Using Satellites’ Jean-Francois Gauthier, GHGSat

1130-1150: ‘UK Space Agency’s International Partnership Program (IPP) – applying Earth observation to sustainable development’ Caroline Harper , UK Space Agency,

1150-1210: ‘NASA Partnership with Commercial and Non-Governmental Organisations’ Jamie Favors, NASA

1210-1230: ‘EARSC – the Gateway to the European Earth Observation Industry’, Geoff Sawyer & Rory Donnelly, EARSC

Any queries regarding the EO Industry Track can be sent to GEOIndustryTrack@ga.gov.au.